6 must try culinary experiences in Vanuatu

December 5, 2017

Visitors to Vanuatu may be pleasantly surprised by the dining scene in this South Pacific paradise that serves up a selection of French-inspired dishes, tender local beef, fresh seafood or something more casual from one of the pubs, cafes or beach bars. A trip to Vanuatu is incomplete without trying some of the local culinary delights and here are just five to whet your appetite.


Part of the Vanuatu way of life, kava is grown throughout the islands of Vanuatu and has both historical and ceremonial usage. Roots of the kava plant are ground to produce a drink that has sedative, anesthetic and euphoric properties. Enjoy a shell of kava at one of the many kava bars or nakamals for an experience unlike anything you’ll find in Australia!

Alternatively, join a Kava Discovery Tour and learn about the growing methods and traditions of Vanuatu kava.

Tusker Beer

As the Aussie obsession with finding the ultimate craft beer continues, Vanuatu is more about sticking to a good thing. Finish off the day with a locally brewed Tusker that can be found *everywhere*. A great way to relax after a day of adventure or lazing on the beach.

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Fresh Fruit

With its idyllic climate, Vanuatu is teeming with fresh fruit just waiting for you to sink your teeth into. Pay a visit to the Port Vila markets where you can sample the tropical fruits and berries, many of which are not available in Australia and meet friendly locals in the process.

Bon marché #vanuatu

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Santo beef

Fresh, local beef from the northern isle of Santo (with your choice of accompaniments), Santo Beef is renowned for its tenderness and taste as a result of the cattle who live amongst the coconut trees and eat a mix of coconut rind and lush Vanuatu grass.

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Definitely not a dish you’d get at your local restaurant in Australia, Tuluk is minced pork or beef wrapped in cassava, and then cooked underground for four to six hours. The result is a deliciously meaty dish that looks like the below, and is truly a must try when in Vanuatu!

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In a nation of 83 islands, it goes without saying that no visit is complete without trying some of the freshly caught seafood. Whether it be poulet, tuna or lobster, you’re bound to get your fix of seafood throughout your holiday.

For more information on dining in Vanuatu, click here.